Plunge Productions :- Vinyl cutting

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Many of our prop making projects involve an element of branding or signage and so we we’ve got our own vinyl-sign-making machine. This allows us to efficiently create vinyl signs in-house, thus saving the time and expense of out-sourcing.
By working with multiple layers of vinyl we can build up some really striking graphic elements for your project

So.. How’s it done?
Adhesive vinyl is supplied on rolls in a wide range of colours with a waxed backing (much like the sticky backed plastic we used to cover our text books in at school, only coloured).

This then goes through a vinyl cutter which has a tiny blade which cuts out letters or shapes according to the design we give it on the PC.

The excess vinyl is then peeled off and removed, leaving just your lettering or design on the waxed backing. The lettering is then lifted from the backing with a sheet of wide ‘application tape’ (much like masking tape). This can then be applied to almost any smooth surface where the vinyl will then stick hard and the application tape can be removed.

If you order vinyl lettering from us then we will send you more detailed instructions to help you apply it. Alternatively you may want us to come and apply it ourselves.