Plunge Productions :- Flocking - electrostatic nylon flocking.

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Flocking? Yes, you know, flocked wallpaper, Action Man’s fuzzy head?
Well Plunge has now got a flocking machine and we’re able to flock pretty much anything. Flocked car interiors, flocked gifts, flocked props, even flocked people. Giving them a fuzzy coating of hair from 1mm to 6mm long.

Ever wondered how it’s done?

Electrostatic flocking uses a process of charging fine nylon fibres in a ‘flocking gun’. They are then attracted to any earthed object. So we cover the item to be flocked in a thin film of adhesive, attach an earth cable and then simply waft the flocking gun in front of the item. The charged flock fibres will be silently drawn onto the glue where they will all stand to attention, waiting for the glue to harden. You’re then left with a furry object which is surprisingly durable.