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Jacques is our glorious 1971 French Citroen DS Ambulance. And you could hire him!

In the early 70s a french company called Currus converted 120 Citroen DS Safaris into ambulances. There are only 20 or so remaining and to our knowledge he is the only one in the UK. Whilst he is not in showroom condition he is still looking amazing for his age and attracts smiles and admiring glances wherever he goes. In the past he has been used for weddings, film roles (he was in The DaVinci Code) and photo shoots.

We are able to offer bespoke vinyl signs to match your requirements and, as he has a flag holder (bless the french), maybe even a flag to match.

He was recently used for a Ghostbusters screening for secret cinema, to find out more head to this news item.

So if you are interested in Citroen DS Ambulance hire for a wedding or event, or Ghostbusters Car hire, then just give us a bell or drop us an email.

And check out his latest moment of fame (you have to wait until the last few seconds, and even then you’d better be paying attention!)….