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Taylor Herring:  William Hill Horse's Tweed Suit

Taylor Herring: William Hill Horse’s Tweed Suit

As part of William Hill’s latest PR campaign in the run up to Cheltenham, Taylor Herring recently commissioned Plunge to create a tweed suit for veteran race horse, Morestead. In the style of true tailoring, Morestead patiently stood through a couple of fittings to ensure the suit was tailored exactly to his requirements. Created out of 18 [...]

Soreen:  Malt Loaf Costume

Soreen: Malt Loaf Costume

As part of the new advertising campaign for the Soreen Lunchbox Loaf, we were commissioned to create a Soreen Malt Loaf costume.   Based on the animatronic character used in their previous videos, Soreen wanted to scale it up this time so an actor could play the role. Check out the Soreen video here

Jigsaw: The Chic Geek Paper Mache Heads

Jigsaw: The Chic Geek Paper Mache Heads

“Inside every stylish man is a Chic Geek.” To mark the beginning of LC:M Jigsaw recently hooked up with with Marcus Jaye, aka THE CHIC GEEK, to celebrate British style.  As part of this collaboration, Jigsaw commissioned us to make a number of paper mache heads in the style of THE CHIC GEEK for their in-store mannequins.

Taylor Herring:  Creepy Victorian Dolls Mask

Taylor Herring: Creepy Victorian Dolls Mask

Taylor Herring approached us to make two spooky victorian doll masks for a project they were working on with Derren Brown; launching a new attraction at Thorpe Park. The two masks were worn by models who were dressed up to look like creepy Victorian porcelain dolls.  They then appeared at various commuter hotspots around London and giving commuters [...]

Ear To The Ground: Vimtoad DJ Headpiece

Ear To The Ground: Vimtoad DJ Headpiece

We were commissioned by Ear To The Ground to create a DJ headpiece for an event featuring the ‘Vimtoad’ which is a new marketing campaign by Vimto. We created the bespoke headpiece by making a lightweight fibreglass mask over a clay sculpture, before painting up the mask and and fitted a hard-hat inside. The finished product a [...]