Plunge Productions :- Getting a bit fruity

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Nov 252008

We’ve just spent the last few days up to our eyeballs in plastic fruit and hot glue.

We’ve been making props for the Christmas party that Mask Event Design and Production are installing at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane in London. They’re taking over the first floor (an area of some 5500 square metres!) and creating one of their amazing christmas parties in what for the rest of the year looks like an empty warehouse. We were on site yesterday and the transformation is already pretty impressive.

This year their theme is ‘Brideshead Revamped’ – a punked and funked-up take on classic English party decoration and opulence. Back in January we were creating visualisations for Mask to show their clients and it’s a treat to see it all coming together. Along with the table centres we designed a pair of large brit-art portraits and produced a number of large murals and backdrops.