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Jan 032013

Genix Imaging asked us to make up a number of very cute toadstool seats, in both kids and adult sizes for UGG stores.  By screenprinting the white dots on to red leatherette we created this great red and white polka dot finish without the uniform pattern which most polka dot fabric comes in.  The finished large and small toadstool seats looked absolutely gorgeous, to the point that we now all want a toadstool chair for our own homes.

UPDATE 21/03/2014:

Like the look of these cute toadstools seats?

There has been a lot of interest in these toadstool seats since this was news blog was posted so Plunge Products has decided to do a production run of them which are for sale.

Children size – £97.50, adult size – £115.  All prices include VAT.  For orders over 10, there is bulk discount.

Get in touch if you would like more details. Email Plunge Products at

Or you can purchase them on-line from the Plunge Products Etsy Shop LINK